City Demolition Agreement

Do you need to tear down a dilapidated property? The City of Wall can help!

How do I access demolition assistance from the City of Wall?


STEP 1: Contact the Wall City Office at 605-279-2663 to discuss your teardown project and pick up the “Agreement to Demolish Property” form or click on the link. This agreement is only available to residential property owners.


STEP 2: Meet with the City of Wall Public Works Director (605-515-1771) to determine items to be removed before demolition, such as: wiring, carpet, insulation, garbage, etc. The City will waive the rubble site fees for the acceptable demolition materials. You are responsible to determine if asbestos abatement is necessary. For more information, contact the South Dakota Department of Natural Resources at 605-773-5559.


STEP 3:The City of Wall will reimburse the demolition cost of two dollars ($2.00) per square footage for the removed home. This reimbursement will be paid out to the landowner once the structure has been replaced with another residential building and must be completed within two years of signing the agreement.