City of Wall Housing Property Tax Rebate

The Wall City Council wants you to call Wall home! Find out how your new home can qualify for the City of Wall municipal property tax rebate. 

STEP 1: If you are thinking about building a single-family, two-family, or multi-family dwelling in Wall, or if you are bringing a factory-built home (not a mobile home in the mobile home park) to an empty lot in Wall, contact the Wall City Finance Officer, 605-279-2663 or Wall Economic Development Director at 605-279-2658. First, request a building permit that will need to be approved by the City Council. Then, determine if your project will qualify for the rebate.

STEP 2: Keep city officials updated on your progress. Ensure the home is being constructed to the standard of existing city ordinances. If you have questions throughout the process, contact the Wall City Public Works Director at 605-515-4138. 

STEP 3: Your new home is complete! Contact the Wall City Public Works Director to set up a time for your final inspection. Upon inspection completion and approval, a Certificate of Occupancy and Final Inspection Certificate will be issued on your behalf to the City of Wall.

STEP 4: Pay your property taxes as you normally would each year. The rebate shall be for five years, commencing the year following the issuance of the occupancy certificate. The rebate shall be paid not later than December 1 of the year taxes are due to Pennington County.  

For more information, please contact Wall Economic Development at 605-279-2658 or email or visit the resolution and ordinance documents below.