Beautification Committee

The Wall Beautification Committee consists of a group of volunteers from Wall. They meet monthly or bi-monthly to make decisions on current projects and to plan for future projects the committee will be working on. Every year the committee decorates the Boulevard, Library and other areas of town for the holidays.

Every spring much planning goes into purchasing flowers for the planters that are at participating business, flowers for the library and park.  In the past they have had Wall school students help plant the flowers to help with the large job.  They appreciate any help that they can get. 

Each summer they look at areas around the city that could use improvement to help beautify the community. The committee members also volunteer to take on maintaining an area in the Boulevard, library, park or other properties.  This includes planting, weeding and water and trimming bushes or trees for the summer.  This survives because of the dedication from the members.           

As a committee, they are always looking for any new comers to join in and help with the yearly projects.  They strive to beautify our Community.