Additional Cemetery Information

Prices: $400.00 per lot (includes perpetual care)


Policies: Approved February 3, 2011 

  • A vault for the casket is not required
  • No scattering of ashes on the surface of the ground
  • All cremations must be recorded with the Cemetery Official (City of Wall)
  • Ground level markers shall be used to indicate the location of the cremains
  • Minimum depth for cremains shall be 18”
  • Only ground level foot markers will be allowed for the second burial if the head stone is not shared
  • Only two occupants per lot whether it is 2 burials-2 cremations-or combination of both (the first burial will need to be placed deep enough to allow for a second burial and the Cemetery Official will need to be notified of this intent at the time of the first burial)
  • No trees, bushes or flowers shall be planted in private lots-only the cemetery board shall be in charge of planting any trees at the Cemetery (only grass shall be planted on individual lots)