About Wall

Wall was established in 1907 and its current population is 872(2017). It was named, Wall, because of its location on the "wall" of the Badlands National Park. The city's name is often confused with the name of one of its main tourist attractions, Wall Drug.          


There are several activities in Wall to keep you busy. Just a few activities include: sporting events, rodeos, dances, craft fairs, Holiday crafting, a pancake supper, fishing, hiking, camping - and that is just the start!

We are also fortunate enough to have several National/State Parks nearby.

Badlands National Park is 8 miles to the South.

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site is 21 miles to the East.

When you head west:

Mount Rushmore National Monument is only 76 miles.

Custer State Park is 82 miles.

Bear Butte State Park is 84 miles.

Wind Cave National Park is 104 miles.

Devils Tower National Monument is 158 miles.

Plus so many other things to see and do it the Black Hills National Forest.

Visit the Badlands Chamber website for information on local activities.


Why Wall: Black Hills Video